Pinger Phone review

The Pinger Phone application is an app for the iPhone that was recently released at the Macworld Conference & Expo. It is a free application that is up on the App Store and available for download. When you open Pinger Phone for the first time a screen will come up asking you the enter in your mobile phone number and it will have you create a password which is called a PIN (personal identification number). Then woosh! your Pinger account is created. Continue reading


Songbird-An Open-Source Music Player

Songbird is an open-source music player that is powered by Mozilla. Don’t worry downloading this music player won’t get rid of your iTunes files, you can actually import all of your song files from your iTunes library. You can also get artist biographies right on songbird. Depending on the song your listening to an app on Songbird called Mash Tape accesses Flickr photos and Youtube videos on the artist that you are listening to at that moment. You can also download add-ons for Songbird; for example my personal favorite Lyrics Master. Lyrics Master brings up the lyrics for the song that you are listening to. You also have the option to save those lyrics and send them to a friend. You can add your own album covers to any of the songs, which is different from iTunes where the Album Cover comes with the songs that you download.

me using songbird

me using songbird

Another feature that Songbird boasts is Shoutcast, an internet radio. You can also look at upcoming concerts in your area by going to the concerts tab. One of the coolest features of Songbird has to be its integrated web browser, complete with tabs and bookmarks. While you are surfing the web on Songbird it will still run your selected app in the sidebar (such as Lyrics Master). Songbird is also compatible with the iPod collection. The only problem with Songbird is that it doesn’t play music videos or movies. It would be great if an update for Songbird allowed video files to be played. To sum it up Songbird is definitely something to check out and download, but whether it is a replacement for iTunes or any other desktop music player is up to you. I give Songbird a 9/10

Exit Strategy-iPhone Application

Stuck somewhere you don’t want to be? Exit strategy can help you out. Exit Strategy is an iPhone application that can be used to get out of a sticky situation or to freak out your friends. When you open up the app you are greeted by a forest green screen that shows three buttons, two yellow one red. The first yellow button gives you the option to Exit via Phone Call. What you do is pick which contact will “call” you, what their ringtone will sound like, and what background will pop up. The second button lets you Escape via SMS(Short Message Service or a text message). It gives you pretty much the same options as the Escape via Phone Call; you can choose which person “sends” you a text message, when sound goes off, but you can’t choose a background(obviously). When finished with either option you choose how much time you want to wait before the call or text comes up on your screen. Continue reading