Blackberry Storm 2

The Blackberry Storm 2 was released 5 days ago and brought with it some changes. Are there enough changes to make a signifigant of Storm 1 owners upgrade?

Storm 2 new improvements:
A new sure press touchscreen with four receptors, letting you type a letter and press down on the next one before your first finger has completely left the screen, enabling for faster typing.

New buttons on the front. The call, menu, last and power buttons are part of the screen, which gets rid of the significant gap between the screen and the buttons on the original storm.

Wi-Fi is now featured on the new Blackberry Storm, although many issues have been reported.

The Storm 2 brings with it a decent amount of improvements, but nothing major. When i compared the two devices, I found the clicking of the first Storm to be more desirable, but could still type slightly faster on the Storm2. While the buttons now being part of the screen removes the gap on the front of the phone, it doesn’t provide any added functionality; it just looks different. While Wi-Fi is a nice addition, I find the Verizon Network has enough coverage and speed to be sufficient and I almost always use my phone on the move.

OS: Both phones were running OS 5.0.328. They ran at the same speeds and had all the same features. One difference I found was in the camera speeds. I put them side by side and hit the focus button. When they were in focus, I took the picture. The Storm 2 was slightly faster. When I hit the button to take the picture before they could focus, The Storm 1 focused and took the picture almost a full second faster.

Final Decision: The Storm 2 Improves on many aspects of the original Storm, but isn’t all that different. Both phones are identical when it comes to operating systems but the Storm 2 has a slight advantage on hardware with the new touch screen and Wi-Fi. While I am not going to go out and purchase the new Storm, if you are someone that has a Storm 1 and finds Wi-Fi an absolute essential, go for it.


Blackberry Storm Review

This is a review I made a while ago when I first purchased my Blackberry Storm.
OS 5.0.328 has come out since then and brought with it many improvements that aren’t mentioned in the video
Some of them include:
Flick Scrolling
Full Portrait Keyboard
Faster Camera
Faster Accelerometer Response
More Iphone-Like message system (Including emoticons :D)
WAY less lag

Here’s the link:

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Google has affected the internet in many ways but now it’s affecting the world of mobile phones with the new release of their first phone partnered with Tmobile.  This phone has started a new phenomenon that may continue in the future.  This phone was named “G1”. The phones main feature is complete access to google with a faster connection then both the Iphone and the Blackberry.  The G1 is also fully enhanced with touch screen capabilities.  It also comes with a 3.1 megapixel camera, you can also easily reach your favorite videos on the internet with a quick Youtube Application.  This phone maximum space capacity is 8 GB enough for all of your entertainment, it might have been nice if they could have at least met Apple’s 16GB capacity. On the physical aspect of the phone it is sleek and black and can be slid across horizontally to access a keyboard appropriate for fast text messages.  This phone top price clocks up at 150$, 50 dollars cheaper than the cheapest iPhone.