Pinger Phone review

The Pinger Phone application is an app for the iPhone that was recently released at the Macworld Conference & Expo. It is a free application that is up on the App Store and available for download. When you open Pinger Phone for the first time a screen will come up asking you the enter in your mobile phone number and it will have you create a password which is called a PIN (personal identification number). Then woosh! your Pinger account is created. Continue reading


Jailbreak your iPhone with one click!!!

Yes its possible. Continue reading

New Macbooks fighting back against Jailbreaking?

Any Mac user that wants to jailbreak their iPhone or iPod Touch 2.2 and uses a new aluminum Macbook, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air will be in for quite a surprise. Continue reading

iPhone Linux

I was just browsing the internet when I came across a video on Vimeo that shows the people from Planet Being loading Linux on to an iPhone.

iPhone Trick-Screen Shot

I was scrolling through my photos the other day when I noticed something quite peculiar in them. There were pictures of my home screen in my photos and I had no idea how they got there. Continue reading

Google’s new phone the G1

Google has affected the internet in many ways but now it’s affecting the world of mobile phones with the new release of their first phone partnered with Tmobile.  This phone has started a new phenomenon that may continue in the future.  This phone was named “G1”. The phones main feature is complete access to google with a faster connection then both the Iphone and the Blackberry.  The G1 is also fully enhanced with touch screen capabilities.  It also comes with a 3.1 megapixel camera, you can also easily reach your favorite videos on the internet with a quick Youtube Application.  This phone maximum space capacity is 8 GB enough for all of your entertainment, it might have been nice if they could have at least met Apple’s 16GB capacity. On the physical aspect of the phone it is sleek and black and can be slid across horizontally to access a keyboard appropriate for fast text messages.  This phone top price clocks up at 150$, 50 dollars cheaper than the cheapest iPhone.