Pinger Phone review

The Pinger Phone application is an app for the iPhone that was recently released at the Macworld Conference & Expo. It is a free application that is up on the App Store and available for download. When you open Pinger Phone for the first time a screen will come up asking you the enter in your mobile phone number and it will have you create a password which is called a PIN (personal identification number). Then woosh! your Pinger account is created. Continue reading


Best Installer/Cydia applications for iPhone

These are the the top ten applications from installer and cydia. The only way to get these applications is to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch. To jailbreak your iPhone visit Continue reading

Vista Theme for Iphone

This is probably the best, and most complete theme available on installer Continue reading

Endlesslessly Tweak Your iphone/ ipod touch

Winterboard, one of the greatests apps for iphone/ ipod touch. It allows you to change almost anything on your iphone. Continue reading

Exit Strategy-iPhone Application

Stuck somewhere you don’t want to be? Exit strategy can help you out. Exit Strategy is an iPhone application that can be used to get out of a sticky situation or to freak out your friends. When you open up the app you are greeted by a forest green screen that shows three buttons, two yellow one red. The first yellow button gives you the option to Exit via Phone Call. What you do is pick which contact will “call” you, what their ringtone will sound like, and what background will pop up. The second button lets you Escape via SMS(Short Message Service or a text message). It gives you pretty much the same options as the Escape via Phone Call; you can choose which person “sends” you a text message, when sound goes off, but you can’t choose a background(obviously). When finished with either option you choose how much time you want to wait before the call or text comes up on your screen. Continue reading

Best Iphone/Ipod touch Apps

This first list is of Apps available in the App Store. Some are free and some are not.
Continue reading