AIM appealing to techies? and other cool stuff

Just an interesting thing i noticed while browsing the interwebs today. I recently set up a PC desktop computer in my room and I wanted to the get the AIM application for Windows XP. When I went to the website to download AIM I noticed that they had AIM for linux! I have no idea how long how that has been up there but it really surprised me. Linux is the bomb and it’s great that it is getting some more mainstream “advertising” if you want to call it that. Another interesting experience I had today was trying to explain what Linux was to my family. They weren’t exactly interested and probably wished they didn’t ask. I lost them around Linus Torvalds. This just added to my list of unsuccessful attempts at explaining Linux to someone who’s never heard of it before.


Command Prompt Instant Messenger

Command prompt is an amazing application that can do so many different and interesting things. One of things that I can show you is how to make a instant messenger within command prompt. First open up command prompt by going to the Start menu and clicking on Run. Enter cmd into the Run and command prompt will open up, it should look something like this. Continue reading

Vista Theme for Iphone

This is probably the best, and most complete theme available on installer Continue reading