Pinger Phone review

The Pinger Phone application is an app for the iPhone that was recently released at the Macworld Conference & Expo. It is a free application that is up on the App Store and available for download. When you open Pinger Phone for the first time a screen will come up asking you the enter in your mobile phone number and it will have you create a password which is called a PIN (personal identification number). Then woosh! your Pinger account is created. All of your iPhone contacts are automatically imported into the contacts list. You can link all of your social networks like facebook and myspace to Pinger so you can receive all of your friends status updates. Pinger also has a built-in IM client that links to your AIM, Yahoo, Google, or whatever you use. Thankfully the creators of Pinger have put in a horizontal keyboard for typing delight! Another feature is contact linking; you can link your phone contacts to email addresses and IM screen names to chat with them or send them a message with the click of a single button (actually it’s more like two buttons but whose counting). All in all the Pinger application is an extremely useful app with a very easy to use interface. This app is free in the App Store so go download it. I give Pinger phone a 9/10


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